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Starting is the fundamental and initial movement of the current itinerary that leads to the rediscovery of humanity through the prism of united and reunited cultures beyond the extreme distances between continents. And there is always a beginning, and often an end: Ashes.

Starting from this sculpture which originates from ashes  testifies the commitment to human and environmental  purposes.
Trans-creation therefore transgresses the boundaries of the cycle of the sphinx limitlessly and identically reborn from its ashes.

Starting from ashes, the cement of creation, to express the sharpness of forms, to emphasise the mildness of a smile and to build bridges between matter and emotion.

Ash, a simple, meaningless, basic material, becomes a symbolic vehicle of human emotions. It contains the sufferings and sorrows, the fears, the pains, and the sweats of every woman in search for straw, under a scorching sun and a blistering heat. The tears of cremations mingle those of the smoke from fires of African’s kitchens where wood, the green substance of the tropics ocean, is a rare material.

The ingenious and seasoned women act, without ever giving up and mix straw ash with clay to create organic and sustainable charcoal. From this ash kneaded by common efforts, emanate pride and joy, and the satisfaction of the ultimate quest: the contribution of the grain and the action taken for the protection of nature.

Those key-women, traversed by light, have understood the language of the earth, and spread the  brightness all around to renew our gaze and our belonging to the world.

Throughout ash-sculpted faces of African women, the womanhood finds all its authenticity. Yes, she is beautiful, she is black, the true face of the living woman, plural and singular, strong in her multiple expressions, she expresses her most hidden feelings.

The ashes, created by the woman from straw, then become a symbol of her belonging to the creation of a new form of life.
The blacked-ashed sculptures illustrate the pure beauty of this color and this race which cannot be assimilated but allows itself to be seen and appreciated. On these realistic forms, nothing is exaggerated, rather everything is an image of reality and an expression of truth.

Ashes render movement and life to those recognisable and identifiable faces, far from the anonymity and frozen features of masks. Voluptuousness, sensuality, energy, serenity and firmness, inhabited with an infinite power this black woman who spreads color and marvels us.

Trans-creation, which has ashes in its midst, transcends the barriers between peoples and cultures above walls built on the edge of humanity.

Starting from ashes, the artist reveals from the depths of her inspiration and her audacity the dream of union between races and nations around art, around beauty, around the same battle, which is the protection of the nature, of the earth which is our common home.

Ashes, first and last element, dust of creation, mark of annihilation, but always ready for Trans-creation.

François – Hubert MANGA & Angèle ETOUNDI ESSAMBA

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