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I am delighted to present my collection of VINTAGE PRINTS, hand-developed by myself between 1985 and 2006,
These rare remaining works have received significant institutional interest in the last year, entering the prestigious collections of MoMA, The Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Møller Collection in Norway, to name a few.

I have always believed that black and white photography has a special, timeless power, lending itself intensely to imagination and containing an undeniable mystery. In 1985, I felt compelled to explore this mystery more deeply, leading me to create my first darkroom. It was a laborious process. I converted a storage unit myself, and for the next twenty years, I was engrossed in my darkroom practice. I spent weeks at a time on the development of each artwork, from preparing the baths, to choosing the right paper, then developing, stopping, fixing, rinsing, and drying each print in turn. Finally, the breathtaking moment when the image arose out of the bath was one of pure enjoyment and magic.

In 2006, my darkroom era came to an end and I transitioned to digital photography. Today, each lovingly developed vintage print from that period is special, and reflects the formation of an intimate relationship with my craft.

The vintage prints are signed, numbered and available in limited edition.

Vintage prints are also available for sale!! For sizes, prices and the remaining editions, please contact us.

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