Essamba Art – Discover the world through the eyes of Angèle Etoundi Essamba


Like black & white, colors came to me and I embrace them.
Saturated colorsSuch a level of exaltation could only be expressed in color.
I read colour the way I read black and white, always searching for contrast and intensity.

This serie challenges the simplistic image attributed to the veil, reducing it to a symbol of submission, confinement, repression and violence. Just as absolute nudity does not necessarily symbolize freedom, the veil does not make all those who wear it helpless and oppressed. The veil shown here is one that dares, invites, seduces, precisely because it authorizes the gesture of unveiling.

Not an unveiling of the body, but one that passes through looks, transparencies, gestures.Women are dignified, and free in their choice of wearing the veil.

Beyond the aesthetic and mystical aspect, this work also aims to change the way we look at the veil and to break with preconceptions and prejudices as well as to stimulate reflection on all forms of exclusion in our social system.

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