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A-FIL-IATIONS touches on the universal, the collective. The thread serves as a metaphor and echoes our today’s world of social networks and virtual interconnectivity. It opens to communication and reconnect us to ourselves and to the world. Women, alone or in a group, in a friendship, each one singular, plural, universal.

Encounter and transmission occur from thread to needle, united, intertwined, knotted, anchored, suspended, woven in a world where humans are interacting to create a social cohesion. Threads of life, merging from every angle in verticality, horizontality, and linearity, linking present, past and future, in a gesture of continuity, constancy, and perseverance.

Celestial blue, peaceful white, desert yellow, rainbow colors of the world.

Like the spider tirelessly weaving its web or Penelope reweaving by day all she unweaves by night, the weavers weave, unweave, and reweave the threads of hope to renew boundaries beyond physical and moral borders and to deliver a message of peace.

Follow the thread!

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